Software for XL/XE

Last update 1.VIII.2016.
  1. 65c816 OS ROM for Atari XL/XE

Software for TOS and MiNT

Last update 2.VII.2004. Recently updated items come first.
  1. Small tools (MiNT). Three programs previously available separately: Crypt! (set/reset password on encrypted storage), Shutdown (shutdown the system cleanly), Sndrst (reset Falcon codec, DSP and connection matrix). Sources included. This is a fresh compile and update for Gemma library version 1.11 (below). tar.gz archive 38729 bytes
  2. Gemma 1.11.0 (MiNT) a shared library needed by some of programs available on this page to operate. Also includes source code, documentation and programming examples in C. If you want to do own build, remember that it belongs to the lib/ dir structure on the Sparemint server, where you may get it from too. tar.gz archive 153138 bytes
  3. AlberTT GFX card driver (TOS). tar.gz archive 3988 bytes
  4. EmuXL, Atari XL/XE emulator v. 0.4.3 (TOS & MiNT). tar.gz archive 655014 bytes
  5. Resolution booster for ST mono monitors and Falcon, allows to select 640x480 or 640x496. Sources included. tar.gz archive 13215 bytes
  6. MiNT documentation in hyp format done by myself and Edgar Aichinger (thanks Edgar for the cooperation!!). tar.gz archive 187172 bytes
  7. TOS/MultiTOS release notes from Atari. Now in hyp format. tar.gz archive 67765 bytes
  8. WakeGEM release 11 (MiNT). Watchdog program that cures the famous "GEM sleep bug". A must have for any user of MultiTOS, N.AES, Geneva. tar.gz archive 3773 bytes
  9. SMS, System Message Server (MiNT). A daemon routing messages between GEM and non-GEM processes. This does not need shared libraries, however, Gemma library expects SMS to be installed. tar.gz archive 22452 bytes
  10. 65c816 cross-assembler (MiNT) by Jeremy Gordon. tar.gz archive 151120 bytes
  11. CC 65 (MiNT), the C language cross-compiler for 6502 based systems. tar.gz archive 80919 bytes
  12. StartGEM (MiNT). A replacement for the execmtos program. tar.gz archive 42692 bytes
  13. Fasti (TOS & MiNT). Programma, quod tibi dicere debet, quotus nunc sit dies ante Kalendas vel Nonas vel Idus. Sicut est, ut applicatio (APP) operatur vel ut accessorium instrui potest, cum nomen programmatis in FASTI.ACC mutatur (if you don't understand this text, the program is not for you). tar.gz archive 6414 bytes
  14. YCVP syncbug patch (TOS & MiNT). Patch program against Videl monochrome bugs on Falcon030. Should always work, no matter what method is used for resolution switches (including direct hardware programming). tar.gz archive 1073 bytes
  15. CacheSetter (MiNT). A system clean tool for managing CPU caches (68020-68060). Uses cache management functions recently built into the kernel. tar.gz archive 10403 bytes
  16. Pure Debugger Loader (MiNT). A program to make the Pure Debugger a bit less painful. Does not solve all problems, though. tar.gz archive 1376 bytes
  17. XDD skeleton (MiNT). Example code for writing eXtended Device Drivers in assembler. Sources for Devpac owners. tar.gz archive 13977 bytes
  18. dsp56k.xdd (MiNT). MiNT port of the NoCrew's DSP device for Linux (+ source code). tar.gz archive 20549 bytes
  19. dspmod.xdd (MiNT). DSP Protracker player as kernel device. tar.gz archive 29723 bytes
  20. isitcon.slb (MiNT). SLB library which detects if the calling program runs on GEM console. tar.gz archive 1721 bytes